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Portfolio – Walls of China

Portfolio – Walls of China

December 2012

My neighbor is building a wall around his house. I’m not sure why, because our neighborhood already has a high ands well guarded vence to keep out the dangerous and the poor. It reminded me that this was the first things I noticed when I came to China years ago: everywhere were walls. Walls around the country; walls around neighborhoods; walls around gardens ands houses.[…] above all and regardless the reason, it seems a result of the deep-rooted distrust that is a fundamental aspect of the Chinese culture. This is a small impression of life amongst the walls of China. (read more)

One response

  1. Walls between people are no good. The more divided the people are (poor and rich) the more walls. We hardly have any walls in my country, and not so much difference between people.

    December 21, 2012 at 8:59 pm